Associate Professor

Geophysical Doctor Engineer

29 years

Water vapour
GPS system


2007-200?: Associate professor (University  Montpellier II, Géosciences Montpellier)

2006-2007: Post-Doctoral position at Service d'Aéronomie. Research topic: COPS field experiment: Water vapour variability & Convection Initiation (Advisor: C. Flamant).

2005-2006: Post-Doctoral position at Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique. Water vapour varibility & Urban surface heterogeneity (Advisor: M. Haeffelin et P. Drobinski).

2002-2005: Ph.D. with honors : Water vapour quantification by GPS (2D and 3D Tomography) - Study of intense precipitation mediterranean cases. Water Vapour GPS Tomographic software realisation.
Thesis done at the Laboratoire de Dynamique de la Lithosphère (Université Montpellier II, Advisor: F. Masson et J. Chéry) with six months as invited scientific at the Service d'Aéronomie, Paris VI (Advisor: C. Flamant).
Jury: A. Flossmann, V. Ducrocq, E. Calais, C. Flamant, F. Masson, R. Bayer.


2001-2002: Master of Science: Structure et Evolution de la Lithosphère, Université de Montpellier II. Master of Science Thesis (6 months) at Laboratoire de Dynamique de la Lithosphère (Advisor : E. Doerflinger et J. Chéry, LDL): Vertical deformation in the Alps as measured by GPS

1998-2001: geophysics Engineering Degree at Ecole de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg . 6 months engineering thesis in New-Caledonia: Magnetic anomaly of the South-West Pacific (program ZoNéCo ; Advisor: J.-M. Auzende, Ifremer & M. Munschy, IPGS)

1996-1998: Physics and Mathematics School: "Classes Préparatoires" (Math-Physique) at C. Vernet, Valence


GPS: Participation, organisation and data processing of several GPS campaigns (Arménie: 9 weeks, GPS-Alps, OHMCV). Summer school of GDR-G2 (CNRS) about geodesy (1 week).

Meteorology: Summer school at Les Houches about atmopsheric numerical modeling (2 weeks).

Computing: Good knowledge of programmation (C, Fortran, Matlab, Windows & Linux

English: Good speaking and writing skills.

German: Good reading skills (7 ans).


Alpinism: Raid Chamonix - Zermatt, Cervin, Mont Blanc, .... Summer 1999: One month expedition in the Canadian North, realisation of a cd-rom for environnemental education A la découverte du haut arctique canadien, CRDP.

Litterature: Author of an article in a theater educational book La Première Bibliothèque Européenne. Le Théâtre. CRDP Grenoble.
                             Author of an article in a poetry educational book Promenade en terre poétique européenne : L’Harmattan, Paris.


Champollion C., 2005: Quantification de la vapeur d'eau troposphérique par GPS (modèle 2D et tomographie 3D) - Application aux précipitations intenses. Thèse de doctorat, Laboratoire de Dynamique de la Lithosphère (Université Montpellier II). pdf link

Champollion C., Masson F., Van Baelen J., Walpersdorf A., Chéry J. and Doerflinger E., 2004: GPS monitoring of the tropospheric water vapor distribut ion and variation during the 9 September 2002 torrential precipitation episode in the Cévennes (southern France) J. Geophys. Res., Vol. 109, No. D24. pdf link

Champollion C., F. Masson, M.N. Bouin, A. Walpersdorf, E. Doerflinger, O. Bock and J. Van Baelen, 2005: GPS Water vapour tomography: Preliminary results from the ESCOMPTE field experiment. Atmos. Res., Vol. 74 P. 53-274. pdf link

Bastin S., C. Champollion, O. Bock, P. Drobinski and F. Masson, 2005: On the use of GPS tomography to investigate water vapor variability during a Mistral/sea breeze event in southeastern France, Geophys. Res. Lett., 32, L05808. pdf link

Brenot H., V. Ducrocq, A. Walpersdorf, C. Champollion and O. Caumont, 2006: GPS zenith delay sensitivity evaluated from high-resolution numerical weather prediction simulations of the 8-9 September 2002 flash flood over southeastern France J. Geophys. Res., vol. 111, D15105 pdf link 

Bastin S., C. Champollion, O. Bock, P. Drobinski and F. Masson, 2007: Diurnal cycle of water vapor as documented by a dense GPS network in a coastal area during ESCOMPTE- IOP2, Journal of Applied Meteorology,  Vol. 46 P. 167–182. pdf link

E. Richard, C. Flamant, F. Bouttier, J. Van Baelen, C. Champollion, S. Argence, J. Arnault, C. Barthlott, A. Behrendt, P. Bosser, P. Brousseau, J.-P. Chaboureau,U. Corsmeier, J. Cuesta, P. Di Girolamo, M. Hagen, C. Kottmeier, P. Limnaios, F. Masson, G. Pigeon, Y. Pointin, F. Tridon, Y. Seity et V. Wulfmeyer, 2009: La campagne Cops: genèse et cycle de vie de la convection en région montagneuse, La Météorologie, Fév. 2009, vol. 64 pdf link.

C. Champollion, C. Flamant, O. Bock, F. Masson, D.D. Turner and T. Weckwerth, 2009: Mesoscale GPS tomography applied to the 12 June 2002 convective initiation event of IHOP 2002, Q. J. R. Meteorol. Soc., 2009 pdf link.

Hinderer J., C. de Linage, J.-P. Boy, P. Gegout, F. Masson, Y. Rogister, M. Amalvict, J. Pfeffer, F. Littel, B. Luck, R. Bayer, C. Champollion, P. Collard, N. Le Moigne, M. Diament, S. Deroussi, O. de Viron, R. Biancale, J.-M. Lemoine S. Bonvalot, G. Gabalda, O. Bock, P. Genthon, M. Boucher, G. Favreau, L. Séguis, M. Descloitres, S. Galle: The GHYRAF (Gravity and Hydrology in Africa) experiment: description and first results, J. of Geodynamics, in revision pdf link.



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J. Hinderer and the GHYRAF team: The GHYRAF (Gravity and HYdrology in Africa) experiment:  first results from GPS, GRACE and surface gravity observations in relation with water storage changes, EGU 2008, Vienna, Austria


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